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  Documentation  Documentation
      Conference Materials/Presentations  Conference materials and presentations
      File Formats  Documentation of file formats
      Hardware Manuals  Documentation on the PS2 hardware
  Drivers and SDKs  Libraries, drivers, and associated APIs for using them
  Sample Code  Sample code
      DMA  Code showing the use of DMA and the libpkt libraries.
      EE  The core MIPS side of the processor (Emotion Engine)
      GS and GIF  Code showing various usages of the GIF and GS (Graphics Synthesiser)
      Peripherals  Stuff that connects to the PS2 externally
          Controllers  Pads, NeGcon, DualShocks, Guns, and other controllers
          USB  USB mice, keyboards, cameras, etc.
      VU and VIF  Code using the VU (Vector Units) and VIF (Vector unit InterFace)
  Tools  Tools and applications
      Audio  Audio tools
      Graphics  Graphics tools
      Programming  Programming tools
          Utilities  Programming utilities
      Testing and QA  Testing and QA tools

Directory: Tools
Description: Tools and applications

Project NameDescription
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Compiled For Your Convenience

A bunch of useful scripts, binaries, etc of all the stuff you're likely to compile yourself, to help get things up and running quickly when installing a new Linux Kit.

If you have compiled something and would like to submit it to the project, e-mail with an attachment or link. The full list of project admins is available on the project page.

A list of links to useful ps2linux related websites is in the "Docs" tab.

CFYC now has a website.

Need to know what all this software does? Read the CFYC software guide list

 Cross-Compiler1.0Release (27,572 KB)17 Feb, 20042105
 FRAMEWORK0.031Release Noteslearning031_src.tgz (823 KB)
learning03to031.diff (2 KB)
27 Jul, 20022675
 GuidecurrentRelease Notescfyc-guide.html (18 KB)10 Aug, 20022661
 HOWTOs0.1Release Notesexrc.tgz (2 KB)
HOWTO_blindly_install_ps2linux.html (11 KB)
HOWTO_blindly_setup_networking.html (3 KB)
HOWTO_blindly_setup_p2lboot.opt_file.html (4 KB)
HOWTO_compile_nethack.txt (21 KB)
HOWTO_setup_samba.html (16 KB)
HOWTO_shift_the_display_on_TV.html (2 KB)
Newbie_FAQ_v1.1.html (18 KB)
22 May, 20022741
 READMEs0.1Release Notesabiword.README (1 KB)
darcnes.README (1 KB)
dillo-0.7.1-2.mipsel.rpm.README (2 KB)
dillo-ssl-0.7.1-2.mipsel.rpm.README (2 KB)
dos2unix-3.1-11.mipsel.rpm.README (1 KB)
fmsx.README (1 KB)
pico-4.44L-ps2linux_R1.mipsel.rpm.README (2 KB)
pilot-4.44L-ps2linux_R1.mipsel.rpm.README (2 KB)
pine-4.44L-ps2linux_R1.mipsel.rpm.README (2 KB)
wmx-6-1.mipsel.rpm.README (3 KB)
10 Jun, 20022722
 RPMs0.1Release Notesbash-2.05b-0.1.mipsel.rpm (2,306 KB)
BitchX-1.0c19-1.mipsel.rpm (549 KB)
BitchX-common-1.0c19-1.mipsel.rpm (1,004 KB)
cdparanoia-alpha9.8-8.mipsel.rpm (108 KB)
cdparanoia-devel-alpha9.8-8.mipsel.rpm (63 KB)
ctags-5.2.3-1.mipsel.rpm (81 KB)
curl-7.9.8-1.mipsel.rpm (344 KB)
curl-devel-7.9.8-1.mipsel.rpm (153 KB)
dillo-0.6.5-1.mipsel.rpm (121 KB)
dillo-0.7.1-2.mipsel.rpm (260 KB)
dillo-0.8.4-1.mipsel.rpm (299 KB)
dillo-ssl-0.7.1-2.mipsel.rpm (529 KB)
dillo.ssl-0.8.4ssl-1.mipsel.rpm (302 KB)
dos2unix-3.1-11.mipsel.rpm (76 KB)
epic-1.0.1-6.mipsel.rpm (793 KB)
grip-3.0.0-1.mipsel.rpm (985 KB)
kdbg-1.2.0-3.mipsel.rpm (284 KB)
kdevelop-1.3-1.mipsel.rpm (5,079 KB)
lame-3.89beta-1.mipsel.rpm (234 KB)
libao-0.8.3-1.mipsel.rpm (167 KB)
libao-devel-0.8.3-1.mipsel.rpm (8 KB)
libogg-1.0-1.mipsel.rpm (42 KB)
libogg-devel-1.0-1.mipsel.rpm (51 KB)
libvorbis-1.0-1.mipsel.rpm (366 KB)
libvorbis-devel-1.0-1.mipsel.rpm (524 KB)
links-2.0-0.pre5.mipsel.rpm (470 KB)
links-graphic-2.0-0.pre5.mipsel.rpm (1,805 KB)
lynx-2.8.4-1.mipsel.rpm (682 KB)
Maelstrom-3.0.5-1.mipsel.rpm (1,079 KB)
nano-1.0.9-1.mipsel.rpm (222 KB)
openssh-3.4p1-1.mipsel.rpm (218 KB)
openssh-askpass-3.4p1-1.mipsel.rpm (41 KB)
openssh-clients-3.4p1-1.mipsel.rpm (330 KB)
openssh-server-3.4p1-1.mipsel.rpm (198 KB)
openssl-0.9.6b-18.mipsel.rpm (1,472 KB)
openssl-devel-0.9.6b-18.mipsel.rpm (1,005 KB)
openssl-perl-0.9.6b-18.mipsel.rpm (20 KB)
pico-4.44L-ps2linux_R1.mipsel.rpm (273 KB)
pilot-4.44L-ps2linux_R1.mipsel.rpm (268 KB)
pine-4.44L-ps2linux_R1.mipsel.rpm (2,592 KB)
rdesktop-1.1-0.mipsel.rpm (31 KB)
smpeg-0.4.4-1.mipsel.rpm (290 KB)
smpeg-devel-0.4.4-1.mipsel.rpm (133 KB)
teTeX-1.0-7.mipsel.rpm (40,005 KB)
uade-0.71-1ps2.mipsel.rpm (1,019 KB)
vim-6.1-1.mipsel.rpm (2,490 KB)
vorbis-tools-1.0-1.mipsel.rpm (331 KB)
wmx-6-1.mipsel.rpm (77 KB)
xmms-1.2.7-1.mipsel.rpm (1,508 KB)
xmms-devel-1.2.7-1.mipsel.rpm (36 KB)
xmms-esd-1.2.7-1.mipsel.rpm (21 KB)
xmms-gl-1.2.7-1.mipsel.rpm (13 KB)
xmms-gnome-1.2.7-1.mipsel.rpm (17 KB)
xmms-mikmod-1.2.7-1.mipsel.rpm (37 KB)
zlib-1.1.4-2k.mipsel.rpm (61 KB)
zlib-1.1.4-2k.nosrc.rpm (5 KB)
zlib-devel-1.1.4-2k.mipsel.rpm (68 KB)
27 May, 20022736
 Scripts0.1Release Notesmkbootmc-rescue-0.1.tar.gz (3 KB)12 Jul, 20022690
 SRPMs0.1Release NotesBitchX-1.0c19-1.src.rpm (2,478 KB)
cdparanoia-alpha9.8-8.src.rpm (120 KB)
grip-3.0.0-1.src.rpm (818 KB)
kdbg-1.2.0-3.src.rpm (338 KB)
kdevelop-1.3-1.src.rpm (5,526 KB)
lame-3.89beta-1.src.rpm (804 KB)
openssh-3.4p1-1.src.rpm (873 KB)
openssl-0.9.6b-18.src.rpm (1,907 KB)
xmms-1.2.7-1.src.rpm (2,793 KB)
3 Jun, 20022729
 TGZs0.1Release Notesabiword_mipsel.tgz (3,052 KB)
ctags-5.2.3.tar.gz (215 KB)
darcnes.tar.gz (383 KB)
devil_libs-1.6.6.tgz (311 KB)
fMSX.tar.gz (461 KB)
gaim-0.59.9-pre_compiled_for_PS2LINUX.tgz (12,147 KB)
libpng-1.2.5.tar.gz (1,265 KB)
Python-2.2.3.tar.gz (15,336 KB)
smbfs.o.gz (28 KB)
svn-1.1.0-ps2linux.readme (2 KB)
svn-1.1.0-ps2linux.tar.bz2 (9,289 KB)
vnc-3.3.3r2_mipsel_linux_1.0.tgz (1,136 KB)
xchat-1.8.11-pre_compiled_for_PS2LINUX.tgz (7,325 KB)
xemacs-21.4.14.tar.gz (20,987 KB)
9 Jun, 20022723
 XFree863.3.6-1aEERelease NotesXFree86-100dpi-fonts-3.3.6-1aEE.mipsel.rpm (1,253 KB)
XFree86-3.3.6-1aEE.mipsel.rpm (7,089 KB)
XFree86-3.3.6-1aEE.src.rpm (44,570 KB)
XFree86-75dpi-fonts-3.3.6-1aEE.mipsel.rpm (1,084 KB)
XFree86-cyrillic-fonts-3.3.6-1aEE.mipsel.rpm (319 KB)
XFree86-devel-3.3.6-1aEE.mipsel.rpm (16,851 KB)
XFree86-doc-3.3.6-1aEE.mipsel.rpm (9,414 KB)
XFree86-gs-3.3.6-1aEE.mipsel.rpm (745 KB)
XFree86-libs-3.3.6-1aEE.mipsel.rpm (3,488 KB)
XFree86-xfs-3.3.6-1aEE.mipsel.rpm (257 KB)
XFree86-Xnest-3.3.6-1aEE.mipsel.rpm (504 KB)
XFree86-Xvfb-3.3.6-1aEE.mipsel.rpm (745 KB)
25 Jun, 20022707
Elite Black EditionBased on the tutorials provided by Dr H S Fortuna a remake of the 1980's classic 'Elite' for the SONY PlayStation 2 Linux Development Kit. In the initial release only the original game will be available, ie trading/combat, however future addtions include the ability to play 'online', more ships, features (ability to fly around the planet surface for example, co-operation between players, fleet management and control, planetary system control. Work in progress, currently will render all objects, and basic trading is being worked in at the moment.

The new home for this project is located here.
 Development ScreenShotsdevRelease Notessshot_06.tga (901 KB)
sshot_14.tga (901 KB)
6 Sep, 2007807
Mozilla for PlayStation2This project will provide a Mozilla distribution for the PlayStation2. This project will also collect associated files, utilities and documentation to enable users to build Mozilla on their own.
 Cool Stuff1.0Release Notesps2_lit.jpg (17 KB)19 Nov, 20032195
 Cross Compile Mini-HOWTO1.0.1Release Notesmoz_cross_1.0.1.html (13 KB)10 Nov, 20041838
 Firefox releaseRelease Notesfirefox- (9,714 KB)7 Jun, 2007899
 Firefox releaseRelease Notesfirefox- (10,948 KB)6 Jan, 2009320
 Kernel 2.4.17Latest RevisionRelease Noteskernel-2.4.17-mini-howto.html (10 KB)28 Jan, 20051759
 MiniMo11122004 buildRelease Notesminimo-mipsel-ps2-linux-gnu-11122004.tar.gz (11,965 KB)17 Nov, 20041831
 Minotaur 0.10.1 branch w/PSMRelease Notesminotaur-mipsel-pc-linux-gnu.tar.gz (12,163 KB)18 Apr, 20032410
 Mouse Wheel Mini-HOWTOLatest RevisionRelease Notesps2mousewheel.html (3 KB)30 Apr, 20032398
 Mozilla 1.10.0002 pre-pre-alphaRelease Notesmozilla-mipsEEel-unknown-linux-gnu-1.1.tar.gz (11,985 KB)17 Feb, 20032470
 Mozilla 1.31.3 installer w/PSMRelease Notesmozilla-mipsel-ps2-linux-gnu-1.3-installer.tar.gz (13,077 KB)28 Apr, 20032400
 Mozilla archive Release Notesmozilla-mipsel-ps2-linux-gnu-1.4.1.tar.gz (12,827 KB)15 Oct, 20032230
 Mozilla 1.51.5 installerRelease Notesmozilla-mipsel-ps2-linux-gnu-1.5-installer.tar.gz (12,839 KB)17 Oct, 20032228
 Mozilla 1.61.6 archiveRelease Notesmozilla-mipsel-ps2-linux-gnu-1.6.tar.gz (12,604 KB)17 Jan, 20042136
 Mozilla installerRelease Notesmozilla-mipsel-ps2-linux-gnu-1.7.13-installer.tar.gz (12,318 KB)25 Apr, 20061307
 Mozilla 1.81.8a1 archiveRelease Notesmozilla-mipsel-ps2-linux-gnu-1.8a1.tar.gz (12,410 KB)9 Jun, 20041992
 MozillaFirefox releaseRelease Notesfirefox-mipsEEel-ps2-linux-gnu-1.0.8.tar.gz (9,382 KB)24 Apr, 20061308
 MozillaThunderbird releaseRelease Notesthunderbird-mipsEEel-ps2-linux-gnu-1.0.8.tar.gz (11,487 KB)24 Apr, 20061307
 Phoenix 0.50.5 nightly 04082003Release Notesphoenix-mipsEEel-ps2-linux-gnu-04082003.tar.gz (9,065 KB)9 Apr, 20032419
 Seamonkey releaseRelease Notesseamonkey-1.0.9.en-US.linux-mipsel-gtk1.tar.gz (12,877 KB)30 Aug, 2007815
 Seamonkey releaseRelease Notesseamonkey-1.1.4.en-US.linux-mipsel-gtk1.tar.gz (13,390 KB)14 Oct, 2007770
 Sunbird 1.00.3a2+ release (w/libs)Release Notessunbird-0.3a2+.en-US.linux-mipsel-gtk2libs.tar.bz2 (10,662 KB)7 Aug, 20061203
 Thunderbird releaseRelease Notesthunderbird- (11,572 KB)12 Jul, 2007864
Playstation 2 Linux System DocumentationThe P2LSD Project provides documentation for setting up, using and programming for the Playstation 2 Linux system. Items included in the project are FAQs, HOW-TOs and Handbooks about very specific PS2 Linux topics such as "How to use the IPU" and "The Memory Card FAQ".
 Programming1.02Release Notes01_moving_sprite.tgz (14 KB)
02_show_time.tgz (17 KB)
03_vram_viewer.tgz (16 KB)
32bit_colour_channel_shifting.pdf (169 KB)
fastrsqrt.pdf (68 KB)
guide_ps2_programming_01.html (13 KB)
ps2_normalmapping.pdf (2,062 KB)
ps2vufaq.html (26 KB)
sparkys_swizzle_code.html (15 KB)
tips_tricks.html (4 KB)
30 Jul, 20022671
 Runtime Environment1.0Release Notesps2nohdd.html (5 KB)
ps2rte-howto.xml (8 KB)
15 Jul, 20022686
 System1.0Release Notesp2lkit-handbook.html (43 KB)
p2lkit-handbook.tar.gz (1,096 KB)
14 Aug, 20022656
PlayStation IDE for WindowsPSXIDE codenamed 'KONDEV' has arrived, well at least a snapshot of my development and associated documentation that I have done. KONDEV is (will be) the ultimate in console development so you can develop for consoles like the PlayStation, PlayStation2 (Native or Linux based), Nintendo64, GameCube, XBox, PC (Windows and Linux) you get EVERYTHING you need including editors, debugger, emulator, compilers, docs, libaries, tools. Oh yeah AND THE SOURCE CODE. Contained in the zip file is the following : Windows Binary of the IDE Windows Dynamic/Static Libraries for the Emulator (YES!) Windows Dynamic/Static Libraries for the Debugger Various tools, work in progress The source code to the LOT of it
The new home for KonDev here.
 DevSnapshotWork_and_doc_ZIPPEDRelease NotesAboutBox.bmp (1,098 KB)
KonDev2.reg (25 KB) (7,155 KB)
22 Aug, 20032283
PS2 Neural Network SimulatorPS2Neural is low-level framework to support running neural networks, optimized for the PS2's hardware (Hebbian-like and error-corrector/backprop). Some ps2neural developers are also interested in developing visualization plugins using the GS.
 ps2neural-docs20020515-01Release Noteslibps2dev-0.9.tar.gz (808 KB)
vu_parallel_test.tar.gz (67 KB)
15 May, 20022747
PulsarA 3d space ship shoot-em-up. Will run under native mode (not linux) using the psal library. The psal library is being developed along side Pulsar.
 pulsar-techdemo0.1Release Notes2 Nov, 20022577
RealPlayer for PlayStation 2This project will port Helix Player - the open source version of RealPlayer - to PlayStation 2 Linux. It will include codec support for RealAudio and RealVideo playback. It will also provide assorted build documentation and other help files.
 splay0.0001 pre-alphaRelease Noteshelix-splay.tar.gz (3,051 KB)30 Oct, 20032215
The BlackRhino Linux DistributionBlackRhino is a free Debian-based GNU/Linux software distribution for the Sony PlayStation 2. It contains over 1,200 software packages to aid in using and creating programs for the Sony PlayStation 2 GNU/Linux kit. The software packages range in functionality from simple games, to text editors, compilers, web servers, windowing systems, database systems, graphics packages, mail servers and a variety of other tools and utilities. It is released in the hopes that an up-to-date Linux distribution will aid hobbyist game and embedded systems programmers in gaining new skills and creating new software for the PS2 Linux system.
 base image1.0Release Notesblackrhino_baseimage-1.0.tar.gz (21,303 KB)4 Mar, 20032454
 misc files1.1Release NotesXGSConfig-1.1 (6 KB)25 Mar, 20032433
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