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Project Description: A 3d space ship shoot-em-up. Will run under native mode (not linux) using the psal library. The psal library is being developed along side Pulsar.

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Pulsar two dot zero
 Pulsar - jbit - 2003-Jun-14 08:47
No, We're not dead :)
We have decided to restart pulsar (and thus psal) to be native mode only.
(Using as much code as possible from the old version in the process)

Q) What does this mean?
A) It means it will no longer run under linux or SPS2! However, thanks to mrbrown and pukko, we can now develop in native mode without a mod chip using the PS2's RTE disc and pukklink!

Q) Why are you doing this?
A) Native mode is much more flexible, since you don't have to worry about virtual memory address' or the kernel getting in the way. We also have direct access to the IOP, which allows us to offload sound processing and maybe some file decompression to it! We also have a few more megs of memory, which might make the difference between high res textures and low res textures!

Q) Is it legal?
New Pulsar Techdemo
 Pulsar - spiked - 2002-Nov-03 14:51
A new PAL-only techdemo has been posted. Try it out.
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Artists wanted
 Pulsar - jbit - 2002-Nov-01 17:32
Pulsar needs artists
If you are an artist (3d, texture or conceptual) and are willing to work on the pulsar project, please e-mail one of us, we would love to hear from you.

jbit - Coder, GS dude, Hardware (jbit@users.playstation2-linux.com)
spikeD - Coder, VU dude, ASM (spiked@users.playstation2-linux.com)

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