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Project Description: PSXIDE codenamed 'KONDEV' has arrived, well at least a snapshot of my development and associated documentation that I have done. KONDEV is (will be) the ultimate in console development so you can develop for consoles like the PlayStation, PlayStation2 (Native or Linux based), Nintendo64, GameCube, XBox, PC (Windows and Linux) you get EVERYTHING you need including editors, debugger, emulator, compilers, docs, libaries, tools. Oh yeah AND THE SOURCE CODE. Contained in the zip file is the following : Windows Binary of the IDE Windows Dynamic/Static Libraries for the Emulator (YES!) Windows Dynamic/Static Libraries for the Debugger Various tools, work in progress The source code to the LOT of it
The new home for KonDev here.

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Author's Site for KONDEV
 PlayStation IDE for Windows - cobraeldiablo - 2003-Oct-07 06:33
Launched a https site specifically for the use of any KonDev users and developers. Just turn up and browse. To get there click
Here. At present the site is just a frontend and most of the features have not been implemented in the site, ie users, messages etc. Just send me an email.


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