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Project Description: This project will port Helix Player - the open source version of RealPlayer - to PlayStation 2 Linux. It will include codec support for RealAudio and RealVideo playback. It will also provide assorted build documentation and other help files.

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Maybe an impasse? (update)
 RealPlayer for PlayStation 2 - ppietro - 2004-Nov-30 14:56
Hi everyone,

Okay - I think we've hit two obstacles with the port. Obstacle one can be overcome, but obstacle two might be tougher.

Obstacle one is lack of XV support. That would be X Overlay Plane - as far as I know PlayStation 2 Linux doesn't support this extension. According to Real, I should be able to build this without X Overlay Support. I'll try this and let you know.

The second obstacle is lack of OSS support. Helix seems to exclusively use OSS for sound output. Earlier versions of RealPlayer supported OSS and ESD. I first suspected this when I got the same errors trying to build Helix on my RedHat 8.0 system as I get on my PlayStation 2 Linux system. Helix would work fine on my Fedora Core 2 system. The difference, as I found out, was OSS.

I'm not sure what it would entail to set OSS working on a PlayStation 2. I've been told there's an experimental project to get ESD working with Helix - that may be more productive for us.


Great news!
 RealPlayer for PlayStation 2 - ppietro - 2004-Feb-10 16:31

Hi everyone,

Just heard from my friend at Real. It appears that there's an extra setting that the PlayStation needs for its linker. This setting is contained in a file that describes the system to the Helix build system. Other system definitions have it, but it wasn't included in the PlayStation 2 definition.

What this means is that a simple update to a file at Helix, and a re-sync via CVS to update my local files might take care of my PlayStation 2 Linux build problems.

Stay tuned - there may be a flurry of development this week! Keep your fingers crossed!

Quick Update
 RealPlayer for PlayStation 2 - ppietro - 2003-Dec-27 21:48
Hi everyone,

I know it's been kinda quiet here, but work is progressing. I've been in contact with a couple of developers at RealNetworks, and we're still working on isolating the build problems. I've been asked to be the maintainer of the PlayStation 2 port of the Helix Client at the Helix Community website, so expect to see this port start to move quickly soon - probably sometime in January after the holidays are over.

Happy Holidays!

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 RealPlayer for PlayStation 2 - ppietro - 2003-Nov-11 13:55
Hi everyone,

Okay - it's time for me to start another project. "Why not aim high?", I thought.

So - here it is - a project to port Helix Player to PlayStation 2 Linux. Helix Player is the open source version of RealPlayer/RealOne.

I've managed to set up the build system, retrieve source code from Helix's CVS repository, and start building the player. Right now, it only has support for MP3s, but I'm working on the rest.

Also - it currently doesn't run. I've had a couple friends from Real looking at it, but there's no news from them yet.

I'm really looking forward to working on this project! So, without further ado - Onward and off we go!

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact me via the forums or here at


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