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Project Description: PS2Neural is low-level framework to support running neural networks, optimized for the PS2's hardware (Hebbian-like and error-corrector/backprop). Some ps2neural developers are also interested in developing visualization plugins using the GS.

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Email me when this package is updated ps2neural-docs 20020515-01 Examine archive contents libps2dev-0.9.tar.gz (808 KB)
Examine archive contents vu_parallel_test.tar.gz (67 KB)

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Dormant? Subproject...
 PS2 Neural Network Simulator - patryk - 2003-Jan-25 10:59
Wow, has it been since last summer that there was a news posting!? I'm sure there has been (a little) activity on the mailing list since then. Anyway, I've been working very little on the PS2 recently 'cause the job has been more than enough to satisfy those coding cravings!
In the meantime I'm working on a VU debugger (vu1nteractive) for this project.
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micro mode minimalist code
 PS2 Neural Network Simulator - patryk - 2002-Jun-06 18:47
Ok folks -- minimalist micro mode code is now available as microvu0_sample.tar.gz.

I didn't make a "new release" because then I would have had to rename macro_vu0_2 again (apparently, they're not going to fix the issues with different releases having the same file name.)
EE can do a better job with assembly, but VU still wins
 PS2 Neural Network Simulator - patryk - 2002-May-29 18:55
AiboPet reports being able to get the EECore to perform better with optimized IO so that what takes VU0 .19 seconds takes the EECore .51 seconds. I have updated the vectors_demo package with his EECore assembly code.

VU0_macro minimalist code released
 PS2 Neural Network Simulator - patryk - 2002-May-29 06:35
I have created a new package called vectors_demos which should contain minimalist examples of/experiments in vector processing. Here we have macro_vu0.c which runs about 3 times faster in vu0 macro mode than in pure eecore mode.

GPL VU programming docs and examples
 PS2 Neural Network Simulator - patryk - 2002-May-16 06:16
The file libps2dev-0.9.tar.gz has been added into the package ps2neural-docs. (It is fully GPL.) Two interesting directories are libvu0 (a library to use vu0 as a corprocessor for math) and ps2vpu (which have something to do with developing code for vu0 and vu1.)


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