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Message: 41074
BY: mrm
DATE: 2004-Feb-03 00:44
SUBJECT: RE: cloop for memcard - completed

If someone is interested: I got cloop running on the memcard and optimized the images for it.

The programmer can now put approximately 16.8 MB of gamedata (4:1 compression is reached most of the time (4.2MB uncompressed)) onto the memcard.
And with "gamedata" I do not mean the libc.

17.1MB to 21.5MB of PS2 main memory are still available for gameplay. (the value depends upon how much space the compressed image on the memcard consumes)
The "gamedata" currently consists of SPS2, lesschess and some nice shellutilities (which are not necessary for startup).
Together they make up a nice mini-linux and consume 6MB of the 16.8MB.

I'm still waiting for the permission to send paul the image for making it available.


(I'm going to bed now, cause I worked the night through... No time for documentation yet)


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