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Project Description: The sps2 project is home to utilities that seek to maximize direct access to the PS2 hardware -- the DMAC, the VUs and the EE/GS registers -- within the linux kernel. The approach taken by sps2 is one that requires no kernel modification (other than loading a kernel module) and does not permanently reserve any portion of the memory for DMA access at boot time. This project is home to the module, the support libraries, and sample applications that use it. A possible long-term goal for the project is to create an environment such that the same code can be compiled and run either within the linux kernel or directly on the RTE, hopefully maximizing the similarity between linux-based development and low-level development.

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sps2dev/mod 0.4.0 Released!
 SPS2 - Direct PS2 Access Environment - sauce - 2004-Mar-06 17:07
This version of sps2dev contains a number of updates primarily geared towards making a developer's life a bit easier. In addition, there are a few features that help developers fine-tune the performance of their application.

Performance specific changes:
* Uncached accelerated memory (UCAB) support has been added to sps2mod and sps2dev
* Applications can be switched to supervisor mode so that when performance counters are used to count ticks the ticks are isolated only to the application being benchmarked and no processes that may be running in the background.
* Interrupts can now be temporarily disabled using the EI/DI instructions. This is good in cases where an interrupt may gobble an event you're looking for (e.g. a FINISH event while performing a screen shot). Prior to this feature the only way to get such events was by calling a libps2dev function which implied taking at least one system call hit.

Ease-of-use changes:
SPS2 dev Version 0.2.0a Released!
 SPS2 - Direct PS2 Access Environment - sauce - 2003-Jul-13 23:29
This release does not require a new kernel module (hence 0.2.0a and not 0.2.1 or 0.3.0). It is more for the programmer's convenience than anything.

Sparky has added a new interesting sample (tshower) as well as a few fixes and sample documentation update.

Sauce has added a new library libsps2util which allows access from other programming languages as well as provides some simple screen handling routines.

Not only do the screen handling routines make setup trivia, they also pave the way for easy to understand tutorial code that is not inundated by initialization garbage. Two tutorial directories have been included by Sauce which will be a starting point for a tutorial sequence by Sauce on PlayStation 2 programming with the PS2 Linux Kit.

The headers have been expanded to start including more structures that are relevant, such as GIF and DMA tags.

SPS2 Version 0.2.0 Released!
 SPS2 - Direct PS2 Access Environment - sauce - 2002-Nov-19 09:28
With version 0.2.0, we're making the first public release of SPS2.

This version includes development tools that enable a user to allocate memory suitable for a DMA transfer (i.e. unswappable memory), get the physical address of the memory, and access the DMA controller.

In addition, SPS2 enables a developer to access the GS and EE memory-mapped registers, the scratch pad memory, and the vector unit memories.

A number of samples that show off the performance of developing with SPS2 are included as well as a simple framework which is the basis for most of the samples.

Note that when building the kernel module from sps2mod, you'll need to have the correct kernel sources in /usr/src/linux. For those of you who have installed the xRhino kernel, make sure you've also installed the sources in /usr/src and that /usr/src/linux points to the xRhino source.

You can get SPS2 from http://www.playstation2-linux.com/projects/sps2/

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