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Posted By: sauce
Date: 2002-Nov-19 09:28
Summary:SPS2 Version 0.2.0 Released!

With version 0.2.0, we're making the first public release of SPS2.

This version includes development tools that enable a user to allocate memory suitable for a DMA transfer (i.e. unswappable memory), get the physical address of the memory, and access the DMA controller.

In addition, SPS2 enables a developer to access the GS and EE memory-mapped registers, the scratch pad memory, and the vector unit memories.

A number of samples that show off the performance of developing with SPS2 are included as well as a simple framework which is the basis for most of the samples.

Note that when building the kernel module from sps2mod, you'll need to have the correct kernel sources in /usr/src/linux. For those of you who have installed the xRhino kernel, make sure you've also installed the sources in /usr/src and that /usr/src/linux points to the xRhino source.

You can get SPS2 from http://www.playstation2-linux.com/projects/sps2/

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