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Posted By: sauce
Date: 2004-Mar-06 17:07
Summary:sps2dev/mod 0.4.0 Released!

This version of sps2dev contains a number of updates primarily geared towards making a developer's life a bit easier. In addition, there are a few features that help developers fine-tune the performance of their application.

Performance specific changes:
* Uncached accelerated memory (UCAB) support has been added to sps2mod and sps2dev
* Applications can be switched to supervisor mode so that when performance counters are used to count ticks the ticks are isolated only to the application being benchmarked and no processes that may be running in the background.
* Interrupts can now be temporarily disabled using the EI/DI instructions. This is good in cases where an interrupt may gobble an event you're looking for (e.g. a FINISH event while performing a screen shot). Prior to this feature the only way to get such events was by calling a libps2dev function which implied taking at least one system call hit.

Ease-of-use changes:
* A printf function has been added that allows developers to output text in multiple fonts and colors on the GS
* GSVNC support has been added which allows you to pause your application from a remote machine and/or view multiple buffers -- the render buffer, the display buffer (i.e. back/front), and the Z buffer as well as a generic browse-the-gs vram support.

Detailed Change Log:
* Added printf functionality into libsps2util
* Added GSVNC support and enabled it by default for libsps2util apps
* Added support for UCAB -- uncached accelerated memory. Basically this is accessed through SPS2_MAP_UCAB when issuing a map or remap command
* Added the ability to switch a processís operation mode to supervisor mode or back to user mode. This allows using the performance counters to time only the supervisor mode process isolating the counters to an individual process (the only one in supervisor mode).
* Added the ability to enabled the EI & DI instructions to temporarily suspend interrupts.

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