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    Open Folder  2 - Pre-Alpha
          There is code for this project, but it is not usable except for further development.

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Project Aidoru AI engineInitially the project will consist of a vector unit accelerated AI engine for PS2 Linux. I hope to provide functionality for a few Neural Net architectures, A* and other pathfinding routines, various tree search methods, Prolog-style (but faster) logic, and various other useful AI game algorithms. Please view the README file for details and coding standards. If someone can donate some code/time, I would like to eventually add graphics and networking support to the engine.None
Project DJ RevolutionDJ Revolution is a real time DJ simulation that uses the analog controller DualShock2 (for Playstation 2) to scratch, switch records and tracks, adjust pitch, volume, and effects, and generally just remix stuff on the fly. It supports customizable records with user defined tracks, reversable crossfaders with different tapers, and customizable textures for the turntables, mixers, and record labels. Scripts will be included for creating new records and converting tracks to the 48k stereo 16 bit signed audio format that must be used. Eventually, I'd like to add in a bemani-style music game where you can battle your friends in 2 player modeNone
Project Linux Framebuffer for PS2The aim of this project is to develop a Linux framebuffer driver for the Playstation2 that replaces the GS video driver that comes with the kit. The final goal is to test many non-X11 Linux libraries and applications for the embedded world that are based on the framebuffer abstraction (e.g. the Qt/Embedded library) and therefore cannot be used with the non-framebuffer based ps2gs driver. Examples of target applications: Konqueror web browser, Embedded Mozilla, Qtopia, etc.None
Project PlayStation IDE for WindowsPSXIDE codenamed 'KONDEV' has arrived, well at least a snapshot of my development and associated documentation that I have done. KONDEV is (will be) the ultimate in console development so you can develop for consoles like the PlayStation, PlayStation2 (Native or Linux based), Nintendo64, GameCube, XBox, PC (Windows and Linux) you get EVERYTHING you need including editors, debugger, emulator, compilers, docs, libaries, tools. Oh yeah AND THE SOURCE CODE. Contained in the zip file is the following : Windows Binary of the IDE Windows Dynamic/Static Libraries for the Emulator (YES!) Windows Dynamic/Static Libraries for the Debugger Various tools, work in progress The source code to the LOT of it
The new home for KonDev here.
Project PS2 Game Engineps2engine comes from our school project. Our team, Delusional Studios, are taking the Electronic Game Design course at NBCC Miramichi. For our final product for next year, we are doing a ps2 game called Demonic Psychosis. In order to be able to make the game in time next year, I am starting the coding for the game engine now. The game engine so far supports a DMA memory manager, a DMA packet engine that supports automatic packet stitching with 32, 64 and 128 bit support, a DMA packet scheduler that allows you to flag packets to be sent or not and build a call list and send the call list for each DMA channel independent of each other. The game engine will eventually support quake 3 level support for interiors, quad trees for the outside areas, key-frame and skeletal animation with quake 2 models, light-wave models and custom file formats for optimized models. The custom model support allows user's to enter openGL like commands to enter vertexes, normals, colors. The matrix manager also is openGL like and contains all off the commands from openGL including scaling, translation, rotation and also a view matrix, projection matrix, camera matrix and model matrix. Plus two other matrixes used for lighting. There will be many more additions to the game engine as time goes by.None
Project PulsarA 3d space ship shoot-em-up. Will run under native mode (not linux) using the psal library. The psal library is being developed along side Pulsar.None
Project Quake 2 for PS2The single purpose of this project is to port the Quake 2 game source-code to the PS2 platform. Yes, Quake 2 is now officially "old news", but you might be surprised to learn that Quake 1 through Quake 3 use the same codebase. Once the porting effort is done, the project may evolve to incorporate more modern features. Note that you will need game data from the Quake 2 CD for any of this to be of use, or you must have a completely new set of game data.None
Project RealPlayer for PlayStation 2This project will port Helix Player - the open source version of RealPlayer - to PlayStation 2 Linux. It will include codec support for RealAudio and RealVideo playback. It will also provide assorted build documentation and other help files.None
Project SPS2 Demosurprise! :)None
Project vu coding stuffThis is a collection of tools, docs, etc to help vu coding.None