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Project Description: The KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) renderer is a basic Path 1 rendering library built on top of SPS2 and intmdloader. It supports backface culling, trivial clipping and a simple parallel/ambient lighting model. A set of functions are supplied for uploading VU1 microcode, geometry and texture data. The library could be used as the basis for a game engine, or as sample code when developing your own renderer.

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Preliminary documentation released
 KISS Renderer - bjt - 2004-Apr-28 13:32
Rather than delay them any further, I thought I'd release these docs now for any interested parties. Most (but not all) of the renderer API is covered. As usual, feel free to post in the forums if you have any further questions.

The complete documentation will follow... when it's done :)
Using the renderer with SPS2 0.4.0
 KISS Renderer - bjt - 2004-Feb-29 13:41
The renderer works fine with the new version of SPS2, 0.4.0 - however, you'll have to change the makefile before it'll compile correctly.

For render-0.5, find this line in the Makefile:

SPS2_INC = ../sps2dev-0.3.0a

Change it to:

SPS2_INC = ../sps2dev-0.4.0

For rendertest-0.5, find this line in the Makefile:

SPS2 = ../sps2dev-0.3.0a

Change it to:

SPS2 = ../sps2dev-0.4.0

That's it! Don't forget to recompile the renderer library (make clean; make) before recompiling the renderer test app.
KISS Renderer 0.5 released!
 KISS Renderer - bjt - 2003-Dec-08 02:39
I'm happy to announce that the first version of the renderer library is now available. Full source is included.

As it stands, the renderer is not a complete plug-in solution for someone looking to create a game on PS2 Linux. However, I hope that others will adapt it to their needs. It contains sample code for DMA chain creation and double buffering on the EE, and transformation, lighting, clipping and backface culling on VU1 that will come in handy for anyone looking at 3D rendering on PS2.

The rendertest package contains a working example of how to render textured models using the library. The renderer supports Sparky's intmdloader format - check it out at the 'PS2 Conversion Utilities' project.

If you have any queries, feel free to post them in the forums at I'll do my best to help out :)

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