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Project adamAs graphics hardware becomes faster, real time applications are starting to use high end production techniques, such as higher order surfaces, and procedural shading. Simlarlary users of production renderers are looking to use graphics acceleration, withouth compromising quality. Adam is an attempt to produce a renderer which explores these converging areas of interest. It is based on the angel renderer (, but is severely optimised to make use of the PS2 hardware. It is RenderMan compatable. None
Project GDC 2002 Playstation 2 clippingPresentation: Playstation 2 clipping using VU microcode ( GDC 2002 ) Implementation of a fast clipping renderer optimised for triangle strips. Example of how to use the CLIP instruction in the vector unit.None
Project KISS RendererThe KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid) renderer is a basic Path 1 rendering library built on top of SPS2 and intmdloader. It supports backface culling, trivial clipping and a simple parallel/ambient lighting model. A set of functions are supplied for uploading VU1 microcode, geometry and texture data. The library could be used as the basis for a game engine, or as sample code when developing your own renderer.None
Project lesschessThis is a port from OpenGL to SPS2 of a simple, fast, 3D chessboard program. Not all of the chess moves are yet implemented, e.g. castling, and no checking for endgame situations (like checkmate or stalemate) is performed. However, it compiles and runs perfectly fine, and is perfect for those moments that you don't have a chessboard handy...None
Project Pinp Is Not Pool
====== Everything is now uploaded and in final form as far as we are concerned ====

This project is (at this stage) exactly what it says it isn't: a Pool game for the PS2 :)

The intention when this project was started was to create an arcadey Pool game with powerups, jumps, different playing surfaces etc... We were not able to achieve this in the given time, but otherwise it's a nice entertaining game :)

The game has been in development by us - a team of 4 at the University of Canberra - for about a year now, as our final year Engineering project. It was done mostly working on Saturdays and perhaps a few days here and there where we could fit them in.

To do in the future (probably by other willing people, since we don't have access to PS2s outside of uni):

Implement the 'arcadey' portion.
Make physics run better (on VUs?).
Whatever anyone comes up with :).
Project Quake 2 for PS2The single purpose of this project is to port the Quake 2 game source-code to the PS2 platform. Yes, Quake 2 is now officially "old news", but you might be surprised to learn that Quake 1 through Quake 3 use the same codebase. Once the porting effort is done, the project may evolve to incorporate more modern features. Note that you will need game data from the Quake 2 CD for any of this to be of use, or you must have a completely new set of game data.None
Project Recursive 3-D Ray Tracing ProgramRayTracing creates a two dimesional near-photorealistic picture of a three-dimensional scene. Combining scenes (frames) simple animations are also produced. It takes an ASCII description file (*.rt) and "scans" the scene using the "Ray Tracing" techinque: the scene is projected from the viewer to the scene. Understanding how this program works is very helpful in the learning process required to take advantage of the Ps2 3D graphics library. You learn why textures (materials) are needed, how lamps an thier position affect the coloring of the objects, reflection, transparency, etc. The code is based on a PC MS-DOS 16bit code written by Christopher D. Watkins, as part of the Book "Programming in 3 Dimensions" ISBN 1-55851-220-9. This book is out of print. The render quality is very good, but the performance (speed) is terrible. All output is painted on the screen using the POINT primitive. Several description files are provided, including metalic bouncing balls, Waves, DNA molecule, engine, a pool table, a simple robot, etc. New versions should make a better using of PS2 graphics and math libraries (to improve performance).None
Project SPS2 Demosurprise! :)None
Project VU Demo Coding ContestVU Demos, harnesses and entries for past, present and future(!) VU Coding Contests. None