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Posted By: msporny
Date: 2002-Jul-08 10:31
Summary:xrhino-kernel project releases 2.2.21-pre1-xr7

At long last the 2.2.x series kernel for the Playstation 2 is nearing completion with the release of 2.2.21-pre1-xr7. This is a completely updated Playstation 2 Linux kernel that should work on any commercial PS2 Linux kit. The kernel is ready for users to start downloading and testing. Kernel binaries and source can be found at the xrhino-kernel project.

The 2.2.21-xr7 release is a big jump that brings us to the forefront of mainstream 2.2.21 kernel development. Once 2.2.21 is stable, we plan to immediately start on a 2.4.x port for the Playstation 2 Linux kernel. But, for 2.2.21 to become stable, we need people to brutally test it!

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