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Project Description:

ps2gl is an OpenGL-like graphics api for the PS2. The primary goals are performance and flexibility.

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Email me when this package is updated ps2gl 0.3.1 Examine archive contents ps2gl-0.3.1.tar.gz (1.1 MB)
Examine archive contents ps2gl-samples-0.3.1.tar.gz (397 KB)

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Latest News
dlist memory usage much better in cvs
 ps2gl - tjdaniel - 2002-Aug-08 22:58
display lists have been using *way* too much memory for, well, a long time. The cvs version should be much better, though it's still conservative. Let me know if anyone gets a packet out of memory error, as it's difficult to get a boundary case to check against.

BTW, since this can't be overstated: glDrawArrays() + display lists are by far the fastest way to draw geometry with a static topology.

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New site, versions!
 ps2gl - tjdaniel - 2002-Jun-07 20:48
There's a new site up, along with minor updates of the library and [lame] sample programs. Binaries are now built for the 1.0 kit. Check out the page at:

Oh no! Kits are out and no homepage!
 ps2gl - tjdaniel - 2002-Jun-04 17:32
I'm working on a new site and updated releases for the 1.0 kit right now, so bear with me. The new site should be up in a day or two at

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