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Project Description: The conversion utilities project is designed to create utilities to convert popular two- and three-dimensional file formats as well as audio file formats into formats useable by PS2 developers. This project may also lead to work on file exporters for popular applications, such as a gimp plugin to export directly to PS2-friendly formats.

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Email me when this package is updated img2dsm 1.0 Examine archive contents image2dsm-1.0.tgz (43 KB)
Email me when this package is updated intmd 1.0 Examine archive contents 3dstointmd-1.0c_ps2l.tgz (81 KB)
Examine archive contents (348 KB)
Examine archive contents intmdloader-1.0.tgz (23 KB)
Examine archive contents viewintmd-1.0.tgz (22 KB)
Email me when this package is updated TMS 0.1

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