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Project Description: ezSwizzle is a Windows MFC application that allows you to swizzle/unswizzle your textures. It reads a number of formats and has a batch feature to convert all your textures quickly. It generates TIM2 files, but with the source provided it is very easy to change it to generate any format you are using. The documentation also explains the theory behind texture swizzle and has a table with swizzleable sizes and respective speed increases.

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Email me when this package is updated ezSwizzle 1.0 Examine archive contents ezSwizzle_bin.zip (315 KB)
Email me when this package is updated GS Texture Convert 1.1 Examine archive contents GSTextureConvert-1.1.zip (3 KB)
Email me when this package is updated Texture swizzling doc 1.0 TextureSwizzling.pdf (120 KB)

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