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Posted By: sauce
Date: 2003-Aug-11 07:58
Summary:SVVUDB Alpha Is Now Available!

Sauce proudly presents SVVUDB - Sauce's Visual VU Debugger.

This is an X-Windows based debugger for VU0 and VU1 micro code. It allows you to:

* debug VU0 or VU1 code
* single-step your code
* run between breakpoints of your choosing
* inspect the values of all VU registers
* modify the values of most VU registers
* inspect the values of the data memory
* modify values of the data memory
* view the contents of the frame buffer as you render the scene

And much, much more!

Please be aware that you will need to have a PC equipped with X-Windows to be able to use SVVUDB. There are a number of options available to Windows users, and undoubtedly to Mac users as well.

The project, svvudb, at has been created specifically for the distribution, support, and bug tracking of SVVUDB.

SVVUDB requires sps2mod-0.3.0 available as sps2mod-0.3.0.tgz from the SPS2 project.

Please enjoy this and happy VU coding!

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