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Posted By: sarahe
Date: 2003-Mar-28 11:26
Summary:UK, France, Germany Spain: Apply for online gaming trials!

UPDATE:Thank you to everyone who has applied. We are no longer taking applications, as the small number of places has been filled. Thank you!

Information remains below for those interested.....
We're looking for a handful of Linux kit users to take part in our online gaming trials in preparation for the full online gaming service that will be offered later this year in our PAL territories.

The trials will start from the beginning of April, and players will be asked to contribute roughly 8 hours per month.

Note that you MUST have a Linux kit, and you MUST be resident in either the UK, France, Spain or Germany. You also MUST have a broadband internet connection over 300Kbps.

[removed details and e-mail as we are no longer accepting applications]

Once the online gaming service is available in Europe, all Linux kit owners in our European PAL territories will be entitled to request a utility disc that will enable them to play online using the network adaptor from the Linux kit (more details to follow - we are also making arrangements for other countries as they go online in the future, eg Australia).

I cannot guarantee that everyone will receive a reply, but we are looking for about 20 people and if you're successful, you should receive confirmation within a week via e-mail. Good luck and have fun!

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