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About BlackRhino GNU/Linux

BlackRhino is a free Debian-based GNU/Linux software distribution for the (WAYBACK)Sony PlayStation 2. It contains over 1,200 software packages to aid in using and creating programs for the (WAYBACK)Sony PlayStation 2 Linux kit. The programs range in functionality from simple games, to text editors, compilers, web servers, windowing systems, database systems, graphics packages, mail servers and a variety of other tools and utilities.

The software distribution was created by (WAYBACK)xRhino for a commercial Sony PlayStation 2 title. It is released in the hopes that the distribution will help hobbyists create their own games and applications that utilize the advanced programmable hardware of the PS2.

Download and Installation

We have attempted to make downloading and installing BlackRhino GNU/Linux as easy as possible. Please refer to the download and installation instructions provided on this website.

Questions, Comments and Concerns?

For any questions, comments and concerns not handled by this website, please refer to the BlackRhino Linux Project on There is a (WAYBACK)discussion list for BlackRhino GNU/Linux as well as a bug tracking system and project status page.

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