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Release Name: Milestone 2 [Download]

Notes: A build of Mozilla "MiniMo". This is a Mozilla variant that is designed for use with handheld devices. This is a very stripped down web browser, but it appears to have a full build of gecko - Mozilla's HTML rendering engine. The memory footprint is about 15 Meg, so it might be worth investigating for PlayStation 2 Linux users.

To install this build, cd to where you downloaded minimo.tar.gz, and type "gzip -dc minimo.tar.gz | tar -xvf -". This will create an Embed directory that contains MiniMo. You can place this Embed directory wherever you like.

To run MiniMo, cd Embed and type "./ ./TestGtkEmbed". It will print a few debug messages, and then the browser window will appear.

Don't expect much eye-candy. This is definitely a stripped browser.

Changes: 2003-11-19 16:50 - Uploaded Minimo Milestone 2 - based from Mozilla 1.5 source. Cross compiled build - no NSS/crypto/security present.