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Release Name: 1.3 nightly [Download]

Notes: Mozilla 1.3b for PlayStation 2 Linux. Does not support crypto or freetype2 (yet). This is a non-debug build, created by a cross-compiler. This is not the actual 1.3b "Official Release" - this is from a nightly snapshot of the source tree from February 26, 2003.

If you're looking for the latest build, with possible new bug fixes at the expense of stability, this is it. If you're looking for an offical, stable build, you want the 1.3b release.

Update: This is now an experimental build with all of the jpeg, png, etc. libraries set to load dynamically instead of being linked statically. (That is, assuming I understand what I'm doing...(^_^)) The reason is I'm trying this is to see if this might use memory more efficiently with dynamic loadable modules, and speed up mozilla a little. Give it a try and see.

Changes: Rebuilt binary to use dynamic libraries for:
  • nspr
  • zlib
  • jpeg
  • png
  • mng