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Release Name: 0.1 nightly 05212003 [Download]

Notes: MozillaThunderbird 0.1 nightly build. Compiled May 21, 2003.

This is not a release build. The MozillaThunderbird team is working towards a 0.1 release. This build seems fully functional, and appears to work okay, however you should still consider this Alpha level code for all intents and purposes. If you need release-quality mail and news clients, please use Mozilla 1.3 (or 1.4).

Built natively on the PlayStation 2, with PSM enabled. FreeType 2 was disabled in this release.

gcc version 2.95.2 was used to compile the build. GNU Make version 3.79.1 was used as well. This build should work on Sony PlayStation 2 Linux and BlackRhino Linux.

Changes: Uploaded May 21, 2003 build of MozillaThunderbird