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Release Name: 1.3b installer [Download]

Notes: Standard installer for Mozilla 1.3b. This is an installable version of the gzipped tar archive also posted on this site.

The following help text is from, adapted for the PlayStation2 Linux version of Mozilla.

To install Mozilla by downloading the Mozilla installer, follow these steps:

  1. Create a directory named moztemp (mkdir moztemp) and change to that directory (cd moztemp).

  2. Click the link on the site you're downloading Mozilla from to download the installer file (called mozilla-mipsEEel-ps2-linux-gnu-1.3b-installer.tar.gz) to your machine.

  3. Change to the moztemp directory (cd moztemp) and decompress the archive with the following command:
          tar zxvf moz*.tar.gz
    The installer is now located in a subdirectory of moztemp named mozilla-installer.

  4. Change to the mozilla-installer directory (cd mozilla-installer) and run the installer with the ./mozilla-installer command.

  5. Follow the instructions in the install wizard for installing Mozilla.

    Note: If you have a slower machine, be aware that the installation may take some time. In this case, the installation progress may appear to hang indefinitely, even though the installation is still in process.

  6. To start Mozilla, change to the directory where you installed it and run the ./mozilla command.

Changes: Uploaded 1.3b installer build #1.