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Release Name: 1.8a1 archive [Download]


An official release build of Mozilla 1.8a1. FreeType2 is not enabled in this release. PSM (crypto) is enabled in this release.

This is an alpha release. There are known issues with Spelling Check - do NOT USE!!! Everything else appears to function correctly, but this is alpha level code - use at your own risk!

This build was created natively on the PlayStation 2 using PlayStation 2 Linux 1.0. It was created using gcc 2.95.2 and GNU make 3.79.1

This build is compatible with PlayStation 2 Linux, and BlackRhino Linux.

The following help text is from, adapted for the PlayStation2 Linux version of Mozilla.

To install Mozilla by downloading the tar.gz file:

  1. Create a directory named "moztemp" (mkdir moztemp) and change to that directory (cd moztemp).

  2. Click the link on the site you're downloading Mozilla from to download the non-installer (mozilla*.tar.gz) file into the mozilla directory.

  3. Change to the moztemp directory (cd moztemp) and decompress the file with the following command:
              tar zxvf moz*.tar.gz
    This creates a "mozilla" directory under your moztemp directory.

  4. Change to the mozilla directory (cd mozilla).

  5. Run Mozilla with the following run script:


Uploaded Mozilla 1.8a1. See for changes, bux fix information, etc.