Mozilla for PlayStation2 - Files

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Release Name: 1.5b archive [Download]

Notes: An official release build of Mozilla 1.5 beta (1.5b). FreeType2 is not enabled in this release. PSM (crypto) is enabled in this release.

This build was created natively on the PlayStation 2 using PlayStation 2 Linux 1.0. It was created using gcc 2.95.2 and GNU make 3.79.1

This build is compatible with PlayStation 2 Linux, and BlackRhino Linux.

The following help text is from, adapted for the PlayStation2 Linux version of Mozilla.

To install Mozilla by downloading the tar.gz file:

  1. Create a directory named "moztemp" (mkdir moztemp) and change to that directory (cd moztemp).

  2. Click the link on the site you're downloading Mozilla from to download the non-installer (mozilla*.tar.gz) file into the mozilla directory.

  3. Change to the moztemp directory (cd moztemp) and decompress the file with the following command:
              tar zxvf moz*.tar.gz
    This creates a "mozilla" directory under your moztemp directory.

  4. Change to the mozilla directory (cd mozilla).

  5. Run Mozilla with the following run script:

Changes: Uploaded Mozilla 1.5b