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Release Name: 0.6 release [Download]


MozillaThunderbird 0.6 Release. Compiled May 11th, 2004.

NOTE: Spellchecking is not functional in this release!!! Clicking the Spell button will ungracefully exit Thunderbird, losing *ALL* of your work in progress. DO NOT SPELL CHECK!!

Because of this, you will see the following message when you start up Thunderbird the first time:

nsNativeComponentLoader: SelfRegisterDll( Load FAILED with error: 
/home/paulp/thunderbird_builds/thunderbird/components/ undefined s
ymbol: , version EXPORTED

I am currently investigating this build problem. I will try to get a fix for this bug, and post a new build ASAP.

With the exception of spelling, this build seems fully functional, and appears to work okay. However you should definitely consider this Alpha level code for all intents and purposes. If you need release-quality mail and news clients, please use Mozilla 1.6, 1.5, 1.4 or 1.3.

Built natively on the PlayStation 2, with PSM enabled. FreeType 2 was disabled in this release.

gcc version 2.95.2 was used to compile the build. GNU Make version 3.79.1 was used as well. This build should work on Sony PlayStation 2 Linux and BlackRhino Linux.


Uploaded MozillaThunderbird 0.6. A complete list of changes, bug fixes, etc. is here: