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Release Name: 0.10.1 Release [Download]


Firefox 1.0PR release (0.10.1). Compiled October 6, 2004.

Note: This is another security patch release for Firefox. This should be used instead of the original 1.0PR release (0.10 in about box). Otherwise, it's identical. The notes below are from the 0.10 release:

Note: This is a security patch release for Firefox. It also includes some new features - mainly RSS bookmark support.

This is a non-debug release build with PSM. Everything is enabled in this release except for FreeType2, which isn't available by default in PlayStation 2 Linux.

This build is compatible with PlayStation 2 Linux and BlackRhino Linux.

gcc 2.95.2 was used to create this build. GNU make 3.79.1 was used as well. This build was compiled natively on the PlayStation 2 with PlayStation 2 Linux 1.0.

Note: Unlike previous versions of Phoenix/Firebird/Firefox, this version uses a new preferences directory. Generally, this directory is located in /home/username/.mozilla/firefox. An import wizard is called to migrate Mozilla or Phoenix/Firebird/Firefox settings to the new directory. I had to run the build three times before it loaded. First run - nothing happens. Second run - import wizard appears, then nothing. Third run - browser appears.


Uploaded MozillaFirefox 1.0PR (0.10.1) A complete list of changes, bug fixes, etc. is here: