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Release Name: 0.10 Release [Download]


Firefox 1.0PR release. Compiled September 15, 2004.

Note: This is a security patch release for Firefox. It also includes some new features - mainly RSS bookmark support.

This is a non-debug release build with PSM. Everything is enabled in this release except for FreeType2, which isn't available by default in PlayStation 2 Linux.

This build is compatible with PlayStation 2 Linux and BlackRhino Linux.

gcc 2.95.2 was used to create this build. GNU make 3.79.1 was used as well. This build was compiled natively on the PlayStation 2 with PlayStation 2 Linux 1.0.

Note: Unlike previous versions of Phoenix/Firebird/Firefox, this version uses a new preferences directory. Generally, this directory is located in /home/username/.mozilla/firefox. An import wizard is called to migrate Mozilla or Phoenix/Firebird/Firefox settings to the new directory. I had to run the build three times before it loaded. First run - nothing happens. Second run - import wizard appears, then nothing. Third run - browser appears.


Uploaded MozillaFirefox 1.0PR A complete list of changes, bug fixes, etc. is here: