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Posted By: sarahe
Date: 2009-Jun-04 03:49
Summary:Closing down

After 7 years of service, the time has come when we must plan for closing down this site. We appreciate there are some valuable downloads and postings here, and we're looking at continuing to provide an archive of those for you once the site is gone - please let us know what you'd vote for putting in there.

SPS2? VCL? Let us know! We have a few months left to go, but by the end of October 2009 we will be looking at closing down the site as it stands now.

Thanks to all the enthusiastic members of the PS2Linux community!


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Message: 50993
BY: deba5er
DATE: 2009-Jul-01 12:13
SUBJECT: Thanks for a really unique Linux experience!

This site got me started on quite an interesting journey discovering what I could and could not compile to make a media center for my TV using my PS2. A version is on 4shared - google "ps2linux-distro +4shared" and has the Fluxbox window manager, Dillo-ssl-tabs web browser, MPlayer (sdl version works best), Fox Toolkit for File Manager, feh image viewer for slideshows, xmms 1.2.11 for internet radio and other music, and pysol, freeciv latest versions for games. Lots of extra latest-version libs too. Thanks Sarah for maintaining the site for such a long time, it is really an interesting platform; with a little tweaking it is used nearly every day as a media center (mostly internet radio playing while playing full screen slideshows, but also web surfing on the TV).


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Thanks for a really unique Linux experience!deba5er2009-Jul-01 12:13


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