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Posted By: msporny
Date: 2003-Mar-04 10:43
Summary:xRhino Releases Debian-based GNU/Linux Distribution for PlayStation 2

xRhino today released version 1.0 of their BlackRhino GNU/Linux distribution for the Sony PlayStation® 2 game console. A tools and middleware developer for the PS2, xRhino has been involved with and continues to contribute to the PS2 Linux community. BlackRhino GNU/Linux is a port of Debian GNU/Linux to the Sony PlayStation® 2 game console. It contains over 1200 software packages; simple games, text editors, compilers, web servers, windowing systems, database systems, graphics packages, mail servers and a variety of other development tools and utilities comprise the extensive toolset. For more information, visit the BlackRhino Linux home page.

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Message: 44517
BY: stogaz
DATE: 2004-Jul-07 08:45
SUBJECT: DNS problem while updating

Hi there,
I faced some problems when trying to update the distribution with "dselect". I logged in blackrhino after having edited the requested files. The connection works with the static IP address, but only if I give an exact numerical I.P. address.
The problem is that dselect works only with alphabetical addresses (e.g. and doesn't work with IP addresses (eg. nnn.nnn.nnn.nnn). So if the DNS doesn't work I can't download with dselect. Does anybody know how to overcome this problem?

Thank you all



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DNS problem while updatingstogaz2004-Jul-07 08:45


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