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Posted By: sarahe
Date: 2009-Jun-04 03:49
Summary:Closing down

After 7 years of service, the time has come when we must plan for closing down this site. We appreciate there are some valuable downloads and postings here, and we're looking at continuing to provide an archive of those for you once the site is gone - please let us know what you'd vote for putting in there.

SPS2? VCL? Let us know! We have a few months left to go, but by the end of October 2009 we will be looking at closing down the site as it stands now.

Thanks to all the enthusiastic members of the PS2Linux community!


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Message: 51025
BY: deba5er
DATE: 2009-Aug-02 14:39
SUBJECT: Release Run Time Environment (RTE) Binaries?

I'm wondering since Sony is spinning this site down, if they would consider releasing the RTE binaries to the PS2-Linux enthusiasts? This would open up the world of Linux to all Playstation 2 users instead of just the lucky few with the Linux kit. I'm not going so far as requesting source (which would be nice), but just having the RTE modules available freely would bring the PS2-Linux scene alive again.


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