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Posted By: msporny
Date: 2002-Mar-28 10:30
Summary:First release of xRhino Playstation 2 Linux kernel

Hey you crazy PS2 Linux kernel hackers! :)

We have just made our internal development PS2 Linux kernel available to the public. The new additions to the kernel are a completely updated 2.2.20 filesystem and memory management layer. Lots of bug fixes and some performance enhancements.

Our goal is to work with the PS2 Linux community to get a completely updated 2.2.20 PS2 Linux kernel out there by the end of this year. We know there are other porting efforts out there, but none of them seem to make their source available. If you're a kernel hacker or are just interested in checking out the source, its in the Files section of this project.

Happy Hacking!

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Message: 15864
BY: linuxlad
DATE: 2002-Jun-15 11:08
SUBJECT: xr4 kernel update

Manu - is the xr4 release now considered compatible with the European & US kit releases?
You may remeber I tried it a fortnight back and got trouble with local (but not remote) X crashing out - probably related to incompatibilities with the sound_core module when window-maker starts.

I gathered from you that the xr4 release wa tested against an earlier version of the sound driver (in the Japanese release of the kit IIRC)

Bob Hall


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xr4 kernel updatelinuxlad2002-Jun-15 11:08
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