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Posted By: msporny
Date: 2003-Mar-04 10:43
Summary:xRhino Releases Debian-based GNU/Linux Distribution for PlayStation 2

xRhino today released version 1.0 of their BlackRhino GNU/Linux distribution for the Sony PlayStation® 2 game console. A tools and middleware developer for the PS2, xRhino has been involved with and continues to contribute to the PS2 Linux community. BlackRhino GNU/Linux is a port of Debian GNU/Linux to the Sony PlayStation® 2 game console. It contains over 1200 software packages; simple games, text editors, compilers, web servers, windowing systems, database systems, graphics packages, mail servers and a variety of other development tools and utilities comprise the extensive toolset. For more information, visit the BlackRhino Linux home page.

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Message: 32540
BY: yugobobin
DATE: 2003-Mar-12 07:06

Ok I did everything the web site said. every file is set up like they said.. I am having problem recognizing my file system Everytime i try to type mke2fs /dev/hda3 or 6 since i created couple it keeps on poping up with wrong FS type. and it says invalid argument passed to ext2. library while setting up superblock... Can someone help me out on how to format and set this up the right way.. Seems I cant find what i am doing wrong..... and I am geting tired to a point.. Can someone that got this distribution to work help me out here? ... Just guide me step by stem trough the begining only.. since i am runing into problems only the vi files are no problem.. I just cant seem to boot into BR...
Oh yeah on the begining my system doesnt see the /dev/hda3 partition at all
only 1 2 and 5
1 is / 2 is extra disk space 5 is but yeah

I have 4GB partition for my / main Linux PS2, and 128MB swap file I am showing an hda2 but thats an extended partition. I cant see the /dev/hda3 partition no where.. CAN ANYONE HELP??????


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WTF??????yugobobin2003-Mar-12 07:06
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                  RE: WTF??????yugobobin2003-Mar-13 04:44


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