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Posted By: sarahe
Date: 2009-Jun-04 03:49
Summary:Closing down

After 7 years of service, the time has come when we must plan for closing down this site. We appreciate there are some valuable downloads and postings here, and we're looking at continuing to provide an archive of those for you once the site is gone - please let us know what you'd vote for putting in there.

SPS2? VCL? Let us know! We have a few months left to go, but by the end of October 2009 we will be looking at closing down the site as it stands now.

Thanks to all the enthusiastic members of the PS2Linux community!


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Message: 50994
BY: trimetric
DATE: 2009-Jul-01 12:29
SUBJECT: I have learned so much

Thankyou for this.

Definitely, a big yes to both sps2 and vcl. And much of the good stuff off of cfyc, so many to choose from there. Also, of course the amazing vu contest stuff. Perhaps, keep the links to the great tutorials out there on the web, like the assembly school, the vu tuts, and that very cool sps2 framework (both versions).

The Coding for PlayStation 2 page has guided me on a path to learn about hardware architectures, programming languages, networking, and many other things, but most important of all how to make games. There is still so much more to study and experiment with, which is why I hope the website could continue on in some renewed, smaller form perhaps.

Maybe this is something from way back, but perhaps now would be a good time to open up discussions again regarding an EyeToy driver for PS2Linux. I just figured that since everyone else is doing it now :) that we might consider convincing Sony to think about allowing third-party projects to develop one for compatibility with the existing ps2linux layouts.

Just so that current or former ps2 linux devs have a quick way in to motion control development.

Maybe think about it?

Also, if there really will be just an archive, maybe the community ought to band together to form a new site with the same spirit for enthusiasts?

Just some thoughts, I apologize if any of it sounds too bold. I have just had such great inspiration by working on the format.

Thanks for everything.


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