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This Guide is intends to help people wanting to get the best out of the kit. A good application has to be designed properly in order to take advantage of the hardware. The chapters will cover:

- Setting up the devices (GS, VUs, SPR, pads)
- Loading a texture in VRAM
- Building a DMA packet to send a sprite via PATH3, using the texture.
- Coding and uploading a VU1 micro-program.
- Building a DMA packet to send geometry via PATH1, using the texture.
- displaying text on the screen.
- Using VU0 to offload calculations from the main CPU.
- Using Interlock to speed things up (VU0/CPU).
- Using interrupts (if it turns out to be possible at all).

Changes: 2002-08-11: Uploaded Part #1. 2002-08-18: Uploaded 01_moving_sprite.tgz 2002-08-24: Uploaded 02_show_time.tgz 2002-08-24: Uploaded 03_vram_viewer.tgz