Playstation 2 Linux System Documentation - Files

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Release Name: 1.0 [Download]

Notes: Initial release of entire Playstation 2 Linux kit documentation in docbook format. Many sections need to be updated or written, but the source is provided, please do add to it and make corrections! This is a framework for a complete set of PS2 Linux system documentation. The purpose of this sub-project is to create a complete documentation set for developers interested in an overview of the PS2 Linux system and all of its components. The system documentation will not go into nearly as much detail as the technical manuals, but will provide a good starting point for the average techie. The documentation is in DocBook format, all images are in SVG format (converted to PostScript and PNG formats for display on the web). The documentation is available under the GNU Free Documentation License and everybody is urged to contribute to the large work. Please submit changes and additions as patches to the original DocBook xml source code.

Changes: * Initial release