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Release Name: 1.1 [Download]

VU Coding Contest Harness, PS2 Linux version
Release: 1.1  July 18, 2003

This package contains the PS2 Linux version of the VU Coding Contest 
Harness and entries for the 2003 SCEA Developers Conference.    This 
contest was open to licensed developers only.  The grand prize winner for 
2003 was Mike Day's amazing VUniverse entry.  

The object of the competition is to create the most graphically impressive 
and unique demo program using only the 16K of instruction memory and 16K 
of data memory of the EE Vector Unit 1. 


readme.txt              this file
TechnicalSpecs.doc      technical specifications for contest entries
linux_for_ps2           harness directory
      harness           ps2linux executable for the demo harness
      dmachainhook.elf  dma chain file required by the harness
      demodata          data directory for the demos
      demosrc           source code directory for the demos
      harness_src       source code directory for the harness

------Running the demos

To run the demos, go to the demo directory and run the harness program, 
using the appropriate option for the display.  For example, for NTSC 
execute the following in the command line prompt (you must not be running 
X windows):

# cd linux_for_ps2
# ./harness -n

for a list of options, give the command
# ./harness -h
options are:
            -h   help
            -n   tv- ntsc interlace
            -p   tv- pal interlace
            -w  pc- 640x480 widescreen
            -s   pc- 640x480 full screen stretched

---------Making the harness and demos

This package contains some source code and makefiles for GCC.  Go to the 
particular source code directory and type "make".   

---------Adding demos

To add a demo for  the demo harness :

-  Write VCL code and run the VCL preprocessor on it, or write the VU code 
by hand, or use a compiler, etc.
-- Assemble the VU source code into an object file with the ee-dvp-as 
-- Convert the object file to a .bin binary code file using the objcopy 
utility.  This file will be loaded into VU1 instruction memory at address 
-- Make any binary .dat data file needed by your demo using a VU assembler 
or another program.  This file will be loaded into VU1  data memory at 
address 0.
-- Write a plain text .hlp help file containing the controller usage and 
any other user information that will be displayed when the user presses 
the help button.
-- Modify the demotest.ini file in the demos directory to include your 
demo's name and files. Be careful of the commas and format of this file.  
The last record must be terminated by a '#" symbol.
-- Put your demo files in the demo directory.
-- Run the demo harness.

See the makefiles in the demosrc directory for details.

Note that the VU code and data are loaded by a direct copy operation so no 
dma or vif information should be embedded in the data.
Please refer to the technical specifications document for 
more details on the entry file formats.

Changes: 05/01/03 KAB, SCEA 1.0 PS2 linux version 07/18/03 KAB, SCEA 1.1 added VUniverse source & docs