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Release Name: 1.0 [Download]

Notes: This bundle is all you need to enter the 2003 PS2Linux VU Demo Coding Contest!

-- RulesAndSpecs
You must be an amateur in order to officially enter and be eligible for a prize. If you have ever worked on a PlayStation 2 title, we'd still love you to send us a demo and we'll release it with the others for kudos, but for prizes please enter DevCon or DevStation contests.
Please read the rules and technical specs thoroughly before entering, particularly to ensure you've sent us all the info required to enter (see rule No. 2).

-- Code harness
Based on previous DevCon and DevStation harnesses, thank you to Kirk Bender of SCEA for cleaning it up a little when releasing the DevCon 2003 entries.

-- readme.txt
Should give you an overview of the files and their purpose.

  • This competition is open to amateur programmers anywhere where they have access to a Linux kit, subject to the rules enclosed in this package.
  • The deadline is midnight GMT, Monday 21st July 2003.