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I have ample exposure to hardware and software troubleshooting (IT support) as well as setting up, managing, and maintaining networks (primarily LANS). I am proficient in a wide variety of software and can learn new applications quickly. I have limited exposure to programming, but I'm currently in the process of expanding my programming skills to include C++. Along with C++, I am also training myself in the area of 3D modeling as well as learning the intricacies of the PS2's architecture. In relation to application development I have access to Visual Basic, Visual C++, GCC, Photoshop (ver. 6), as well as Maya 4. I enjoy games and I'm fascinated with all aspects of their development.

Skill Inventory

Skill Level Experience
C/C++ Beginner < 6 Months
3D Beginner < 6 Months
Networking Competent 2 yr - 5 yr
Game design Want to Learn < 6 Months
Assembly code Want to Learn < 6 Months
Physics Want to Learn < 6 Months
Sound Want to Learn < 6 Months
AI Want to Learn < 6 Months
Vector Units Beginner < 6 Months
HTML Competent 6 Mo - 2 yr
SQL Beginner < 6 Months
Object-oriented design Beginner < 6 Months